Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Flintstones Forgery

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weirdo #9 by R. Crumb

From Some Remote Location...


Warning: This post has no pictures.

Hello. You're probably wondering where the Booo Tooons have been lately, huh?

No? Well, I've been away from the internet because of Verizon's incompetence since September 9th, and still am. If you've seen me posting on other people's blogs, rest assured that it was because I was posting from phantom computers ( much like I am now ).

I have several fun posts scheduled, but haven't been able to post them for the reasons I've just explained. In the future, look for:

The Scribner Face

Inking Tablet Practices

Booo Tooons Interview #1:
A Discussion with Garret
Gilchrist about his
'The Thief and The Cobbler: Recobbled Cut'
in five parts.

More Drawings From The
Secret Manx and Itchy Project

Puppet Making

Booo Tooons Interview #2:
Having a Drink with Vincent Waller

The Complete History of Screaming:
Drawing Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey

Captain Capitalism

Booo Tooons Interview #3:
My Pal Mike Peters

Also, I should add that the other two Booo Tooon Marooons, Janine and Matthew, have given birth to their first son, my God son, Hendrix, and he is doing very well, but only sleeps a few hours at a time.

Lastly, I should mention that I didn't do the picture of Bush two posts below this one that you all love so much. It appeared in The Onion several weeks ago, and I knew people would like it.

Keep coming back, I promise we'll be back soon with more!

PS: I promise to have the links done before Halloween!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bill Melendez, RIP


We'll miss you, Bill!

Click here to read the full story.

One of the few still-living legends, Bill Melendez gives a rare candid interview where he talks about his begining at Disney, what he considers his 'step-up' to Warner Bros. and working in the Clampett unit in the 40's, to his experiences working at UPA and finally on the Peanuts specials he produced for television.

Bill was Rod Scribner's assistant in the Clampett unit, and is the only guy, other than Robert McKimson, who could be considered as being on Scribner's level.

He will be missed by the industry and by friends.

Thanks to whoever posted this interview initially.

Monday, September 1, 2008