Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Reason To Love Bill Watterson

I've been very busy lately working on the Secret Manx and Itchy Project, as have the other Booo Tooon Marooons. Our latest member to the family, by the way, is Lili, who is making Manx and Itchy into puppets, and rocking everywhere else she can be utilized. Say hi to Lili everybody!

But, to keep inspired, I've started re-reading all my old Calvin and Hobbes books, one of which included the obligatory Tenth Anniversary Treasury.

In it, Watterson talks about the two sabbaticals he took from the strip and his fights with Universal Press Syndicate, partly about licensing rights and also about graphic freedom ( though that was more of a fight with newspaper editors in general ).

The stuff about licensing is worth a read. It makes you realize how non-artistic executives exist in almost every form of entertainment. Bill lectured about this once at Ohio State University and made cartoons to accent his points.

Here they are. Enjoy!


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