Monday, November 2, 2009

New scanner!

I've been without a working scanner for too long. I don't have time to post all of the drawings I've done in the last five months ( anymore than you have time to look at all of them ), so here's a small smattering.

The first two drawings are for my Dad's birthday which was back in April. There's some problems with them ( as Vincent Waller was kind enough to point out ), especially Manx's right hand.... eeesh!

If I can find them, and if it's okay with Vince, I'll post his notes. Valuable stuff, for sure. I can find them, but boy... I need to learn the value of labeling things properly. Thanks to Lili for cleaning up these drawings in Photoshop.... a lot of un-erasable pencil mess.

Speaking of Vince, he told me about the brush pens he uses on those awesome doodles he posts at his blog. When I bought them, I immediately drew Mike Peters' Grimmy. I grew up having Mike around, and he kind of is the reason I love thick lines so much.

Alright... now the construction studies.... ::: sigh :::

The first sketch is from two fan art Tinkerbell drawings. Here are the drawings I'm copying..

I started doing the construction for both at lunch on one sheet, and when I got home I couldn't find the same drawings again so I had to do finish the drawing from memory.

I completely got the line of action wrong on both of them... which I should have noticed from the onset.... of course, this drawing is three months old. Hopefully, I got better when I got to this one...

Here's mine.

And here's the comparison.

Finally, here's one I did two weeks ago. I wanted to practice construction, but also wanted to fill a page and see how many studies I could fit on it. I don't know why.

I'll post the original drawings for this a bit later.... but it's late.

Also? This is for Katie. I tried drawing Neil Patrick Harris once.... here it is.


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