Sunday, February 3, 2008

Booo Tooons Commentary #1

The first of many, here is a commentary from Trevor for the Bob Clampett classic "Buckaroo Bugs", which showcases such fun things as carrot thievery, spelunking, horse back riding, frontal male nudity, and the lost communication tool of telegrams.

It's also funny as fuck. Watch on.



Eshniner Forest said...

This is great!!

Eshniner Forest said...

Thanks Trevor!

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

No problem. Thank YOU for being the first person to not only comment, but also subscribe to my YouTube channel.

No one does that. And for good reason.

- trevor.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Wow! Great commentary! I agree with the points you made 100%! Please put up more like this!

Eshniner Forest said...

I make you tube vids as well! :P

[Moth] said...

hey, Trevor!!

Thanks for that comment at Kali's blog!

I actually own two copies of Preston Blair's book (in english and in spanish), so I'll take a look to that part.

Looney Tunes DVDs... do you mean the golden collecion? They're difficult to find here in Spain...
but I'll do my best to get them.

And of course, I'll check Animation Archive!

Thanks again!

PCUnfunny said...

Great commentary Trevor ! Right on the ball.