Sunday, March 16, 2008

Copycat Doodlings, plus Betty Boop Gets Flirty and Dirty

Been busy here at the Booo, so here's some doodles by our artists of other people's cartoons:

"Hep Cat Work Doodle" by Trevor.

"New Adventures of Mighty Mouse" by Trevor.

This was drawn to test some new colored pencils.

"Bimbo The Devil" by M.G.

Matthew made this design for a tattoo. He also suggested putting up some information about Bimbo and Betty Boop. Since time does not permit, check out this info page about them from the book 'Cartoon Stars'.

Some have said that it's perverted to have our character Twinklebelly appearing pantsless.

But we argue that a perverted cartoonist is in good company with his forefathers. Tex knew it. Max and Dave knew it. Click below to see where it started.

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