Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vincent Waller

Holy shit! Look at these awesome Spongebob drawings!

I was at Vincent Waller's awesome blog Incoherent Thought when I saw these two and I had to steal them. Visit his blog and tell him how much you appreciate his awesome drawings!

These two Spongebobs were drawn by animator/designer Robertryan Cory and I hope we see more like this. I'll certainly be looking for his name on things in the future.

Thanks to Rogelio T., here's an animation Cory did for the Atlantis SquarePantis Special.

Find more videos like this on Channel Frederator RAW


It's because I've been going to Vincent's blog that I'm even watching Spongebob now, let alone a fan of it.

Notice how there aren't any pencil lines underneath or forms roughly sketched underneath theses drawings. Vincent's like Robert McKimson, in that he does what we all wish we could do: just put pen to paper and draw without any pre-thought or planning. Incredible!

You want proof that executives know nothing of real talent and art? It's in these drawings. If I were the producer of Spongebob, these drawings would be put up as an example as to the level of quality to maintain. And these are the drawings that are just drawn for fun. No one executive in television has seemed to make the connection: fun drawings equal fun show.

Vincent posts all sorts of fun and exciting drawings he does during his Spongebob story meetings, and lets us know to watch the show's inbetweens... which is where some of the most amazing drawings being done for television animation exist.

- trevor.


Rogelio T. said...

Yeah, it'd be nice if there were a place to see Robert Ryan Cory drawings.
Have you seen this yet.

Vincent Waller said...

Wow, Trevor. Thanks for making me look like Star.

That animation is a piece Cory did for the Atlantis SquarePantis Special. I'm glad Frederator is showing it. A little PR couldn't hurt him.

Anonymous said...

This is Robertryan Cory... thanks for the kind words. I'm sorry I don't have a blog... at some point I should find a way to show people my drawings. Thanks

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Hi Robertryan:

Let me be the first to officially request that you get a blog ( they're free, ya know ) because if these awesome drawings and that Channel Frederator animation are any indication, I'm a huge fan!

Is there any animation you've done for personal projects posted anywhere online?

- trevor.

Anonymous said...

There are personal drawings of course but not many on-line... I Did a poster for an art show with my friend Chris McD Called "Real-Life Wizardz"... I have some Sketches in meathaus "Go for the Gold" but they are super old and that book is out of print. I have something I plan on unveiling around Oct... I can send you some info then. I don't own a scanner so... if I ever get one I'll scan some drawings and put the on frederator(if I can figure that out)... Ohh there is a cartoon in the works with a bunch of really talented dudes.... (Right Penn)

James Sutton said...

This guy is amazing.

I haven't seen anyone be able to take 8 bit and make that stretchy animation.

Kristy Gordon said...

Hi Trevor! Awesome post! I love Vincent and Robertryan's drawings!!

Vincent Waller said...

Hi Trevor
I have no idea why, but as far as I know CN is not going to make any further Korgoths. Its a shame. I would have loved to see Aaron do a show that went at different genres from week to week. Of course I have no clue if that would be something he like to do. But I'd sure like to see him do it

I think he is looking forward to new projects, and I doubt he'll be working on his student film.

I think it is possible. I got into the business through comics. No film school at all.

Anonymous said...

Man, I love these Spongebob sketches. Vincent and R.R.C. are great artists! These sketches are freakishly beautiful!

Deemo said...

Hey whats going thanks for the comment. Yeah i live in philly and I go to the Art Institute of Philadelphia. No I havent meet Marlo yet but hopefully one day ill be able to, shes a great artist. Does she live in philly?

Oh and those spongebob drawings are amazing, when I first saw them I looked at them in aww. Theyre really really good.

Im also a big fan of Vincent Waller also another great artist. I look at his blog everyday just to see what cool new stuff hes going to put up. Anyway enough talking for now.

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