Thursday, July 10, 2008

Behind the scenes...


Hryma said...

But I like!
Are fairies hairless and have no line? Just thinking out loud.

trevor said...

To answer your question about naked fairies, Hrym-dog:

Twinklebelly's anatomy obeys the disciplines ( or stereotypes ) of many cartoon characters and fairies.

For one, she's an animal that's been humanized. Or rather, a humanoid. And like so many before, she's given a shirt, maybe even shoes, but no pants. In fact, her wardrobe was a suggestion from a girl, who pointed out that all the cartoon characters who were pantsless were guys.

And how many pictures of naked fairies have we seen? For every one that's tastefully covered, there's easily ten that are nude, but not anatomically correct.

But that doesn't stop Manx from trying to get between her thighs. Dirty bugger.

- trevor.

Patrick Seery said...

lol and won't he be disappointed if he actually does get between her thighs.