Friday, July 18, 2008

Finished Manx layouts

These are finished layout poses from the cartoon "A Little Fairy Tail", and to make them extra special, I colored them in for you.

These are from the scene where Manx lays eyes on Twinklebelly for the first time.

BTW, you may have noticed the rectangular nature of these pictures. That's because the cartoon's gonna be shot in the 16:9 aspect ratio. Cinematic, baby!


This next layout drawing is the one I'm most proud of. Mainly because it is a collaborative effort between me and Booo Tooon Marooon Matthew Nunnery. This is a gag from a scene where Itchy decides to ask Twink out, but he's nervous so gets the farts.

Manx, being the encouraging big brother that he is, decides to help Itchy by pulling his colon out and playing it like a bagpipe to get the farts out.

This is a gag Matthew and I dreamed up while on the phone. He was doodling the whole time, and then emailed me what he drew. This is it:

He didn't like the head he drew of Manx, and asked me to draw a better one where his mouth was open. I took it and drew what I thought it should look like, including a number of other changes.

Shortly after the drawing was done, we realized we hadn't decided definitively what the characters' colors were gonna be, so Matthew and I sat down and picked the schemes on the mice. Then Matthew painted my interpretation, and here's the result:

Matthew is a great artist who doesn't post enough. You can see his art, tattoo designs, and animations in motion and for sale, at his website. He's also an amazingly talented musician. You can hear his music at the site too.


Check it out, be amazed, then come back here and tell him you want to see more of his awesome art here on the Blooog.

- trevor.


Hryma said...

Yowza, that's some impressive love struck Manx!

James said...

That last one is beautiful!!!

James said...

Ohh and are you gonna be fully animating this, or is gonna be something like an animatic or working on the lines of a storyboard? Cause if this will be fully animated I would love to see it!! Hell! I love it right now! Do they ever get the fairy?

James Sutton said...


Looney Moon Cartoons said...

These poses are great extremes, but I feel they need more neutral regular poses to contrast them against. They would look more extreme when there is more contrast.

Hryma said...

Oooohhh, pooooooo, tuuuuube

trevor said...


These are not shown in sequence... well, they are, but I only included the ones I really like, which just happened to be extreme. The rest are more everyday.

I'm an extreme dude. What can I say?

- trevor.

Patrick Seery said...

Wow it's like a living bagpipe! Maybe squeezing his butt cheeks together will produce more gas and holding his rectum.

Rectum.. always reminds me of that joke.

A well lit man is sitting at a bar and strikes up a conversation with a gent next to him

The drunk laments about a serious injury that occurred to his horse. "He backed into a wooden fence and got a large splinter in his...I can't remember the term the Vet told me," said the old soak.

The gentleman next to him asked, "Rectum?"

"Wreck'em???! Wreck'em???! exclaimed the souse. It damn near killed him!!!!"


Bubs said...

I love how Manx's teeth look like apples and how you repeatedly used the word "poot".

trevor said...

Wow, Bubs.

You inadvertently told me I need to re-draw that drawing of Manx, because his teeth are meant to look like hearts.

Matthew drew the POOT! originally, and I debated whether or not to change it to a BRAP! or something like that.

- trevor.