Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Slab N Ernie Construction Lessons

I did this today at work during lunch very quickly, but it gave me a chance to break the drawing down.

I'm doing a few more now that I'm home, and I'll post the best one later on.



I haven't gotten a chance to hook the scanner up since the move, so wait. I'll have to upload the finished drawing which is much better.... but I'll get to it later. I have green screen testing to do. Sue me.


Hryma said...

Hey Trev what's the hap? Ah, lunch time drawing, haven't done that in a while.
Not bad I say.
It may look like a simple sketch but I think you chose a hard one (still good).
The characters are a bit skew-if.
It confuses my sense of angles.

Trevor Thompson said...

Your sense of angles? Brother, I think mine's the one that's screwwy here.

What makes this one look particularly hard to you? I thought it was simple, and I still kinda do. I haven't scanned the finished one yet, but stay tuned.... lots going on here this weekend... well, you already know.

Nevermind. Stay tuned would be my point, I guess.

- trevor.

Colter said...

I have to say you did a good job, almost there, and while this may seem like a simple sketch the subtle but unique shapes John uses are hard to match.

Back when I was inking for George Liquor it was super hard to keep the angles and shapes right because Illustrator, no matter how much you tweak it still likes to straighten and smooth stuff out for you.

Horrible stuff sometimes, and John hates it!

Trevor Thompson said...

Makes you wonder why we use tablets at all, really.

Art Fan Ako said...

Construction process is always interesting to see!