Saturday, February 7, 2009

Latest Construction Attempts...

Besides the obvious problems, I can't understand what I was doing with the crow's beak.

The shape of the beak is right, but the construction is all wrong. The lines on it suggest that you'd be able to see his other eye. If I wasn't copying, that might've been a problem.

The thing that is most wrong with this drawing, though, is the fact that Mickey's line of action is completely wrong. This leads to everything else being wrong.

I'm positive that if I had gotten it right, this drawing would've been much better.


James said...

Not bad, you definitly are getting better, but you still trying to keep everything stiff. Just let it flow. Like the line of action on bugs looks like a group of straight lines, rather than one flowing line.

Also some shapes look a misshapen like the left ear. Draw that a few times until its right. The proportions are also a bit off. I like using a ruler, just measure everything and make dashes.

Just have fun, and don't draw it just once. Do it a few times and post your best ones.

Anonymous said...

A bit flat, but it is looking better than your first try on the Porky cover.

Are you going to post your redrawings? I liked looking at those in the last one.

ArtF said...

keep at it man! definately showing improvement.

James said...

Wow, that new one at the top is great. You really seem to be getting the hang of it.

James said...

the one on the top is great. great improvement, it's a lot more solid. the mickey mouse one isn't bad either, just try and get your circles a bit less "chunky"

Trevor Thompson said...

Hee hee.

I have chunky balls.

- trevor.

Hryma said...

Great 'Screen Comics' cover to draw from.
Looks like you're improving and starting to understand more.
I can't really comment on the beak.
I can see where you didn't follow the construction/natural flow from above the smile crease from around the back to the bottom in your clean-up but it's there in the construction. Meeting half way would have gotten it there, but heck, can't get everything spot on, show me someone who can prove me wrong.

Anyway, you're loosening up the more you do. Keep at it!

Trevor Thompson said...

I can see where you didn't follow the construction/natural flow from above the smile crease....

Holy cow, good eye, Hrym dog! I didn't even notice that!

You rock, man.

Incidentally, head over to the Rocketship blog. There's a video up there you need to see. Hurry, because I'm taking it down soon.

- trevor.

ArtF said...

good job on the fox & crow cover dood! very nice. you're starting to see it.