Thursday, May 15, 2008

Drawing George Liquor II

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So, I sketch at work if I have the time and the powers that be aren't paying attention. It's usually on the back of one of our yellow order sheets. I used this time at work to keep practicing drawing George Liquor.

So then, I went home and spent a good two hours sketching George from other drawings and some originals. Here's a smattering of the least embarrasing.

Then, when I felt a little more confident with the character, I took a stab at boarding him. Since John K. only has us learning George now, I didn't have any stories of him alone, so I wrote my own.

It's about how George is frying bacon one Sunday, and is out of lard.

Fortunately, Manx and Itchy come to his defense, selling CAN O' LARD door to door.

So, here's the first four pages of the storyboard for it. It's called FAT CHANCE.

My overall plan is to finish this storyboard and then do as much character layouts as possible. Then, since I can do George's voice, I'm going to cut it into an animatic with finished voices, sound FX, timing and temp. music.


I'm an overachiever. And an American!

- trevor.

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James Sutton said...


I am in absolutely no condition to draw a spumco character.

But apparently you think you have the guts, so good luck with that..