Thursday, May 1, 2008

Drawing George Liquor

So over at all kinds of stuff John K. has put the call out to artists for his new project. It stars the usual characters that he owns ( not Ren and Stimpy or The Ripping Friends ) and right now he needs storyboard and layout artists.

He wants us to practice drawing the characters ( if we're interested in the job, which I, of course, am ) and says the toughest to draw is George Liquor, so he's up first.

Below are two of the eleven pictures he put up on his blog for us to copy. Here they are:

He's also, thankfully, a stickler for accuracy, and has explained the best way to compare the drawings. He suggests putting the original drawing at an opacity on top of your version to make sure the forms are accurate. I've done that below, but first, here are my versions of the above drawings:

Now, the transparent comparisons:

So, I clearly need to work a lot harder. But, I think I captured the 'essence' of Liquor. In fact, if I draw any more tonight, I just might vote for McCain.

I'm going to put up more later on over the weekend, but I'm exhausted. I really tried hard for those crappy drawings and I really want the job, so I'll overcompensate because I want to impress Mr. K.

Yes, that's why I overcompensate. Surely it has nothing do with my nipple dick.


John has put my transparent comparisons up on his blog, but hasn't commented on them, either here or in his blog's comments.

You know what that means? Back to the grind stone. Unfortunately, I have to go to work now for eight hours, but I'm going to try a few doodles of George whilst there for storyboard purposes and I'll put those up later, too.

- trevor.


Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Shoulda listened to my instincts.... I KNEW those legs were too long.

Aw well, I'll keep trying tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.

- trevor.

Eshniner Forest said...

Very nice drawing. keep in mind to use construction more so in your layout of the guy. Your more likely to get things closer to Johns Drawings.

AAAAAAAAAAron J said...

pretty good tries! post more when you've got em! good luck!